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Monday May 27th, 2019     

Afternoon Session > 1:00 -5:00 pm

Evening Session > 7:00 -10:00 pm

Join us for 1 or both Sessions, different content, Free to Members,Guests are $20 for 1 Session OR $30 for BOTH Sessions. 

Amanda O’Leary  – “Smarty Pants” 

from Vancouver BC

PC Superstore Cooking Room 2nd Floor,

51 Gerry Fitzgerarld Dr, North York

S/W corner of Dufferin & Steeles


Magic in Clowning Lecture

“Knowing nothing about magic, I attended Amanda’s hands on Magic Workshop. I was impressed at how skillfully she taught our inexperienced class, 10 magic tricks.  I was thrilled!  Amanda is a wonderful teacher.  She has patience galore and she has an uncanny ability to make everything fun and understandable. I had an idea for something I wanted to discuss in my upcoming workshop but didn’t know exactly how to do it.  Amanda was brilliant and understood exactly what I was asking. She took my starter idea and helped me find the message I wanted to get across. When I performed the magic trick my participants were amazed but most of all THEY GOT IT!  They saw themselves succeeding. Thank you Amanda!  You took this newbie and showed her how to use magic in my workshops effectively.”





Guests fees are now $20.00 per event.

Regular Membership: $60.00/ year
Senior Membership: $40.00 / year
Additional Family Member (Living at the same Address): $30.00 / year

Insurance $175.00 / year

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