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Next Meeting:

Monday June 17, 2024

We have 2 presenters for the June meeting!

Mahdi The Magician

Growing up without arms or legs, Mahdi felt like everything was impossible for him. Watching magicians perform the impossible made him feel like he could anything. He believed in magic and he knew that if he became a magician then nothing would be impossible for him.

As a teenager he would study and use magic, psychology, hypnosis, suggestion, and showmanship to create his own brand of unique magical experiences that took place in his audience’s minds. But Mahdi wanted more, he didn’t just want his magic to remain in people’s imaginations, he wanted his magic for be physical, something that they could feel and touch; he needed his magic to be real.

Mahdi was forced to reinvent magic for himself, literally redefining how a deck of cards can be handled. He performs wonders without hands, walks the Earth without feet, is a miracle to everyone he meets and is living proof that nothing is impossible.

Mahdi will give a lecture revealing some of the secrets of his magic and business.

Gordon Precious

Gordon Precious will discuss exploring life and searching for real magic. Besides being an incredible magician, Gordon has traveled to over 100 countries, owns an extensive magical apparatus collection, and holds the world record for being the oldest heli-skier at the age of 94.

Gordon recommends magic to anyone who is interested in magic. It is intriguing to see wonderful presentations; it’s intriguing to learn how to perform tricks; and it is sometimes mind blowing to see what others come up with. At the end of the day, it is about enjoying magic and sharing your passion with those around you.

Meeting Location

Royal Canadian Legion
948 Sheppard Ave. W., Toronto ON M3H 2T6


Entrance to the Legion is on the north side of Sheppard, between 940 and 1000 Sheppard Ave. W.
Drive North past the townhouses to the very end, the Legion is the building on the left, free parking.
Enter through the main front doors to the ground floor meeting room.

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