April, 2015 Meeting

Monday, April 27, 2015

Build Your Website with Wix by Rob  Power


Rob Power & Guitar

On Monday, April 27th, Rob will show you how you can build a web page from scratch using the online, web building tool, Wix.

Rob will establish a temporary hot spot through his cell phone to connect his computer to the internet and use a video projector to show you exactly how to work through the various steps. Throughout the lecture you will be able to watch and take notes as he opens an account, selects a blank template and starts to build the website right before your eyes!

As well as instructions on the basics like inserting and working with text boxes and pictures, he will be discussing certain theories about what you want in a website so that it is easy to read for everyone.

Included in this discussion will be basic design ideas, do’s and don’ts and basic preparations you’ll need to do before starting your site.

If you can provide you’re own hot spot, feel free to bring your own laptop and follow along. And be prepared to take lots of notes as he will also cover some marketing and sales techniques, promotional ideas and creative ways to give yourself an edge.

Follow along with the checklist/lecture notes.

Download here.

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