October, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Spellbinding Science and Magic with Rob Testa

Direct from the Ontario Science Centre, devoting over 2 years to teaching literally thousands of children (and adults!) about Magic and its strong relation to Science, Rob Testa, is bringing the educational “Spellbinding Science & Magic” program to our club!

Spellbinding Science & Magic is a program that aims to teach simple yet professional Magic effects, as well as explain the science behind why the tricks work.

Not only do students learn how to perform a multitude of magical effects including cards, coins and mentalism, to name a few; they will also learn how science plays a major role in facilitating making these effects happen.

For more information about the program, check out http://www.spellbinding.ca

Updated: October 28, 2015 — 6:36 pm