November, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Corporeal Mime with Dr. Giuseppe Condello

Dr. Giuseppe Gioacchino Condello is recognized internationally for his work in fostering and promoting Corporeal Mime: The Actors Art of Movement.  Giuseppe is a professional actor, corporeal mime, producer, director, a yoga practitioner, and a certified educator that has spanned a period for over forty-six years.

From the moment Giuseppe stepped up to speak … it was so quiet in the room.

With great calm and power, he took over the group. It was poetry in motion as he walked and spoke. I have never seen our group so spellbound.

Giuseppe had 50 years of acting, drama, mime but Mime like I have not seen before.

He was delicious in dance.  Every move was so connected, deliberate, & enchanting . He emphasized the trunk of the body rather than the limbs.

What a powerful way to use your body … rather than with words.

I was very impressed and mesmerized with the whole process. I loved to watch him perform.

Report by Diane Pepper


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