October, 2017

Monday, October 23

Stephanie Herrara

   Stephanie Herrera has built a resume that includes: acting for film and television, theatre and musical theatre, directing and producing, voice overs and hosting, writing and casting.

From the time she entered her first classes at Second City and Theatre Sports Toronto, she began her instruction in the art of improv which led her to work with schools, corporations, organizations, charities, and has allowed her to teach almost every kind of person there is. She has had the opportunity to share the stage with some comedy legends including Colin Mochrie, Patrick McKenna, and Peter Wildman. She is the founder of the not-for-profit Durham Improv Collective Inc.  and has been recognized with a plethora of awards and nominations.

Stephanie’s book, “The Ten Commandments … of Improvising!” continues to remind people that anyone can improvise, that we all do it, and with practice, we can become more efficient in our interpersonal skills

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