March, 2018

Monday March 26

Learn TO Balloon Weave with Mark Verge, World Class Balloon Artist


Jungle Jack aka Mark Verge is a 6 time, World Champion Balloon Artist! 1st Place in the Large category at the International Balloon Sculpting Competition held in the USA.

So we’re doing balloon weaving, not twisting! Say what?

What happens, when your client wants a large sculpture to be created, well give them my number of course, or maybe it is something you wish to tackle yourself. I have been twisting balloons for approximately 23 years and soon after that I tried the world of weaving balloons.

It can be done with every size of balloon 160’s right up to 646’s, even 321’s/bee bodies and now we have quick-links that are 11 inches and 5 inches. You can virtually make anything weaving … but it makes large sculptures. Sure it takes hours even days, sore fingers from tying all those knots. But the payoff is a giant sculpture.

Mark has placed 1st 7 times for Large Sculptures at International Competitions and guess what, they were all woven… well except for Goofy riding a motorcycle that was twisted, but if I knew how to weave it would have been woven!

Mark will show you how to do some basic weaving, some tricks of the trade and you will see how easy it is. The craze is weaving dresses but there is more to it than that. Create an 11-foot Iron Man or a 4-foot Nemo made with 350’s or a train with 260’s.

The first half of the meeting will cover different weaving styles and Mark will show different methods. The second half will be hands on and Mark will be honest and tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right.

So bring a pump and some balloons. Y you can work with 260’s or 350’s whatever you are comfortable with or bring both if you wish as it is a the same but a different ball game.

Updated: April 4, 2018 — 1:05 pm