TCAFE Board of Directors (2023-2024

    TCAFE Executive
  • Make an effort to attend as many meetings and jams as possible
  • Invite people to Facebook event pages and group
  • Represent yourself as a professional when dealing with community at all times
  • Have a positive attitude


David Lew
  • One of the three signing officers of the club
  • To lead the general meeting
  • To run the executive meetings, as well as the changeover meeting
  • To set up and run any committees as necessary
  • To help out and find a replacement for any executive member cannot continue in their role
  • To directly deal with any member on disciplinary matters


Vice President
Celine Bart
  • One of the three signing officers of the club
  • Fills the role of the President when necessary
  • Covers off any other job as necessary
  • Runs the annual election of officers


Terri-Jane Stapleton
  • Records and publishes the minutes at all executive meetings


Linde Weedman
  • Receive TCAFE Membership registration and payments
  • Issue payment receipts
  • Give documented membership payments to Treasurer
  • Maintain membership spreadsheet (including member info, payments, and attendance)
  • Create individual membership files (scanned registration applications)
  • Create breakdown of registration revenue
  • Update membership comparison statistics year-to-year


Johan Duker
  • One of the three signing officers of the club
  • Deposits and records all incoming funds.
  • Pays bills by cheque to maintain an accurate paper trail.
  • Produces a year-end financial report


Dan Ryan
  • Advises the Executive and Committee Members

TCAFE Committee Chairs

Dan Stapleton
  • Schedule lecturers for monthly meetings
  • Collect invoices from lecturers and submit to Treasurer
  • Submit meeting descriptions and graphics to Communications at least 2-months in advance

Communications – E-Blasts & Website
Christopher Starr
  • Prepare the monthly E-Newsletter
  • Prepare and send any E-Blasts & Meeting Reminders
  • Make sure website information is up to date
Linde Weedman
  • Receive TCAFE Insurance applications and payments
  • Issue payment receipts
  • Give documented insurance payments to Treasurer
  • Maintain insurance spreadsheet (including insurance-info and payment)
  • Create insurance files (scanned insurance applications + (VS) police checks)
  • Email personalized Proof-of-insurance and related documents to each member
  • Create breakdown of insurance revenue
  Sunshine Secretary
  • Send appropriate card on behalf of the membership (sympathy, get well, wedding)
  • When needed, place a follow-up personal call
  Snack Coordinator
  • Purchase/prepare snacks for the monthly meeting to keep the members sated and hydrated!